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Here on Fofoa we have no set itinerary. We simply want you to have your ideal holiday so you tell us what your interests are and we can create your own personalized getaway. Whether you want to swim with humpback whales, catch a tuna for dinner, surprise your loved one with a romantic lunch on a deserted island, learn about Tongan culture or see if you can find the rare Tongan whistler bird, we can make it happen!

Swimming with humpback whale calf from the Beach House, Tonga

Humpback whales migrate annually from July -Oct to Tonga primarily to give birth and mate. Our whale tours offer the unique opportunity to observe these amazing animals and, if conditions are right to even swim with them.

  • We limit our numbers to 4 people max per boat (unless group of friends or families) so no sharing or swapping 

  • We are one of a few fully licensed operators based on an outer island 

  • We are located within minutes of the whales' playground

  • You can even watch them from your deck

  • Fast, comfortable boat

  • Price: 920TOP pp  OR special rate 860 TOP pp if staying at The Beach House or Coral Cottage 

  • See our dedicated site for more details.

  • Personalised island and snorkel tours           3500TOP full day

  • Wildlife photography

  • Spear fishing days 


Boat charter with Lavinuella
Free diving and snorkelling in Swallow's Cave
Making kava in Tonga
  • Sunday is an enforced day of rest in Tonga.

  • Visit the local village and marvel in the rich singing at church

  • Join Suane and his family for a traditional ‘umu

  • Share in the kava ceremony


"We had resort-standard activities but without the crowds and schedule"

Alex Hughes, Canada

  • Safe, easy snorkelling within the lagoon ( a variety of tropical fish, stingray, eagle ray and even turtle)

  • Beautiful coral  across the fringe reef for confident swimmers

  • Just  10minutes to the healthy Coral Garden reef

  • Cave exploration in Swallows and Mariners Cave

  • Free- diving trips 


You also have complimentary use of kayaks and stand up paddle boards.

The lagoon is perfect for experienced kite-boarders & wake-boarding whilst the fringe reef offers fantastic surfing for the skilled boarder.

We can also organise diving with pick up from the island.

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