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Being caretakers of these 8 acres of paradise on Fofoa, we aim to keep our ecological footprint to a minimum. 

What we do:

Our eco-homes are run using solar and wind energy with a small generator for back up.

All our water is rain water catchment producing beautiful safe drinking water for all our guests. We provide glass water bottles and carafes for use in the houses and aluminium bottles for trips out on the boat.

We separate our waste and take all glass, tin and hard plastics into Neiafu. All  left overs and scraps are fed to our cats or chickens or simply turned into compost.

Our complimentary soaps are made from coconut oil here in Vava'u and the washing up liquid  provided is also eco-friendly. In our attempt to minimise our use of single use plastics. we do not provide toiletries. We ask our guests to bring non-toxic hair and body products as well as reef-safe, biodegradable sunscreen and to take home used toiletries so that the plastic is recycled responsibly.

All fruit and vegetables from our garden are 100% organic.

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