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The Beach House, Tonga
The Beach House, Tonga
Lion fish in the blue lagoon
Dolphins & whales
Happy after swimming with whales
Humpback calf
Humpback whale breaching
Anenome fish
Humpback whale calf
Tiny pipe fish on brain coral
Humpback whale calf
Green turtle
"I dreamt of a lagoon like this as a child and humpback whales in the wild but the uncomplicated, total immersion here is mindblowing." 
Reema Patel ,US
Front cover of the book Island Homes
Tropical flowers
Sunset from Coral cottage
Kevin McCloud Escape to the Wild
Snorkelling in turquoise seas
Kevin McCloud at the Beach House
View of Nuku island
Drinking coconut water
Follow your Dreams
"Staying at The Beach House is like starring in  your own movie! There's so much or so little to do depending on how you feel. Our family loved it." 
Charlotte de  Mestwerdt, Netherlands
End of the Beach House beach
Detail from Coral Cottage
Steps down to Beach House beach
Detail from door at Beach House
Bamboo clad showers
Perfect for honeymooners
View from Mt Talau in Neiafu
Relaxing at the Beach House
Learning to weave baskets
Unspoilt, idyllic Vava'u, Tonga
Detail from the Beach House
Family fun at the Beach House, Tonga
Romantic honeymoon holiday
"What a glorious holiday. every day better than the last as the beautiful setting, natural style and island peace worked its magic. The beach house gives an amazing feeling of belonging mixed with a true sense of tropical island hideaway." 
Andrew Freeman, NZ
"What a day fishing with Boris!
Caught some mahimahi for dinner and tagged and released my first blue marlin. It was perfect!"
Phil Wheeler, Canada
Blue marlin strike at lure
Sailfish striking its prey
Tag and release blue marlin
Tag and release sail fish
Fishing for mahimahi
Happy guests fishing on Lavinuella
Happy boy with big mahimahi
Tuna fishing
HUGE 60Kg yellow fin tuna
Fishing wahoo for dinner
Fishing on Lavinuella
HUGE mackerel for dinner
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